Ageless Mind Project is a proactive community for all of us who want to learn how to increase our wellbeing as we age and who appreciate the power of group support to help us consistently practice what we are learning.

Here, we connect you to current research in relevant fields such as neuroscience, psychology, gerontology, and the arts through podcasts, articles, and recommendations. We encourage you to share your own experiences, ideas, suggestions, and questions with this community by contributing a guest article or appearing on our podcast. To learn more about either of these opportunities, contact us at We will all become stronger as we learn from each other and help each other actually “walk the talk.”

Ageless Mind Project is a nonprofit 501c3 that we founded in 2015, when we (Lynne and Joshua Berrett) were in our mid-70’s. We chose each part of the name for a reason.

AGELESS, to us, means a focus on retaining an optimistic mindset, a belief in the capacity to grow at any age

MIND refers to more than just the brain: mind is our whole physical, cognitive, emotional, and spiritual self

PROJECT says that this is a work in progress, that we are willing to work at it — even though we know there are no guarantees

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Founded by Lynne and Joshua Berrett, the Ageless Mind Project is dedicated to helping individuals achieve cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual wellbeing through lifelong learning activities.